Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Last Chance for Spearers

With below normal temperatures and above normal water clarity for the length of the 2014 Lake Winnebago System Sturgeon Spearing Season, there is really no surprise that it will be coming to an early end.  Spearers on Wednesday speared a total of 118 Sturgeon, with 5 of these fish exceeding 100 pounds!

There were 16 Junvenile Females, 55 Adult Females, and 47 Males taken.  With these totals, the 90% trigger for Adult Females has been exceeded, which means spearers will have one last chance tomorrow to spear a Sturgeon this year as the season will close at 1:00pm tomorrow.

The south end of the lake still yielded the most fish today, but Quinney and Stockbridge also yielded strong numbers of fish today.  With the season slated to end tomorrow, 2014 will go down as the third shortest season since the 6 hour season change went into effect in 2002. 

Although there have been 99 fish speared weighing over 100 pounds, there haven't been any true monsters exceeding 170 pounds registered this year.  Even though there haven't been any this large taken, the DNR is confident that there are a fair amount of these true dinosaurs still roaming the waters of Lake Winnebago!

Look for a detailed summary of the 2014 Sturgeon Spearing in the near future as the season wraps up.  Thanks for visiting my site, I hope to grow the site in the next year by compiling lots of useful spearing information as well as get interviews with lucky spearers, pictures, videos, and much more!  If you are interested, I also have a fishing blog that is dedicated to Northeast Wisconsin fishing, Walleye Tournament News, and many other topics of local interest.  You can view my fishing blog at

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