Here is the full Regulation Book straight off the DNR website.   
Spearing Regulations

The DNR also has a very helpful tool for spearers, the Sturgeon Hotline.  Calling this number will give you daily spearing totals by each location, and also make you aware of when the season will end. 

Sturgeon Hotline 920-303-5444

 General Rules

Spearing Hours: 7:00am to 1:00pm

Size Limit: Sturgeon must measure 36" or longer

Lights:  No underwater lights are allowed, underwater cameras are allowed but lights must remain turned off.

Ice Holes:  May not exceed 48 square feet (8'x6') or (12'x4'), and cannot be cut until 48 hours prior to opening morning of Spearing.

Spears:  Must not be placed in the hole until 6:30am and must be promptly removed from the hole at 12:30pm.

Marking Spearing Holes:  Holes must be marked with at least 2 stakes that are at least 3' long and must be drilled into the ice rather than stuck in a snow bank.  

Tagging:  You must immediately attach your valid spearing tag to your Sturgeon. (just ahead of the tail)
Transportation:  Unregistered Sturgeon must remain "openly exposed" while being transported to the registration station.  The successful spearer must remain with their Sturgeon until it has been registered.

Fishing Equipment:  May not be possessed inside of a spearing shack.  This includes tip ups, jig rods, hooks, lures etc.

Chumming:  It is illegal to place anything in your spearing hole that cannot be removed.  

Shanties:  All shanties must have the name and address of the owner or user, painted or permanently affixed on the outside with 1" or larger lettering.    

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