Ice Conditions

Make sure to check back here for current ice conditions for both Lake Winnebago and Lake Poygan!

Ice conditions remain in excellent shape after opening weekend!  Roads and launches are in great shape, and should remain that way until warmer weather moves in later this week.  Travel off of the main roads continues to hamper those with lower riding vehicles, 4 wheel drive is a must.  I also suggest having tow straps and shovels handy at all times!

Ice conditions on Lake Winnebago remain the best we have seen in several years, as ice thickness varies from 20-28" lake wide.  The only thing slowing anglers down out there is the snow.  Fishing Clubs have roads plowed and marked that are in great condition, but travel off these roads has been treacherous for many.  Good tires and 4 wheel drive is a must, I also suggest going out with another vehicle and bringing tow straps and shovels because there is a good chance you may get stuck at some point.

Lake Poygan also has some of the best ice conditions we have seen in years, and also has plowed roads off several different portions of the lake.  Travel is also tough going with the amount of snow out there and the fact that it all looks the same while driving.  There are some slush holes under the snow in spots that have created some problems, but these are few and far between at this point.

This past weekends rains have taken their toll on the ice around the lake.  Most of the snow has melted, and the landings are very rough and wet!  There are areas with 4 to 6 inches of standing water out on the lake, so if you do go out make sure you have waterproof boots!  ATV travel should still be fine, but truck travel is sketchy at this point until cooler temperatures return.
Ice conditions continue to improve on both lakes, as there is now a tree line running out from the old Duck Inn landing on Lake Poygan, and there are reports of people driving trucks out off the west and south shores of the Lake also.  Lake Winnebago still has some dangerous areas, but there are reports of trucks on the lake coming off the east shore.  4 wheelers are making it onto the lake off Oshkosh and also Fire Lane 8 on the north end of the lake.  Here is a video report summarizing Lake Winnebago ice conditions by Mr. Bluegill which I found very informative.

Here is a map with up to date ice conditions, showing the major cracks and open water areas that remain on Lake Winnebago.  Please take a good look at this map before heading out onto the lake.  The snow we get tonight and tomorrow will hide the cracks and areas that have recently frozen back over, making for an extremely dangerous situation for ice anglers!

Make sure to check back for more updated reports, as well as a few fishing reports!  Also make sure to check out SUNK? Dive and Ice Service's Facebook page for updated ice conditons!  Here is the link.
Ice conditions are improving by the day with the lack of snow cover on the lakes and cold nights!  I expect people to start driving trucks out on Lake Poygan this weekend, and 4 Wheelers all over Lake Winnebago.

Lake Poygan currently has an average of 5-8" of good ice, which is expected to change in the next couple7 days as our area is forecast-ed to receive a half an inch or rain!  Right now 4 wheeler and snowmobile traffic is common, with plenty of anglers still heading out on foot.  Norwegian Bay and areas near the Wolf River have less ice, and caution is advised when venturing out in these areas.

Lake Winnebago has varying ice conditions currently, and with the warm, rain, and wind in the forecast, I would not recommend venturing out very far from shore!  Stick to the bays and near shore areas until mother nature brings back colder temperatures.

1/29/12  The main lake has varying ice thicknesses between 6-12", caution is still advised, as some areas may have even less than 6"!  There are trucks venturing out along the east shore, but truck travel is not advised just yet, especially with the warm weather in the forecast.  Lake Poygan overall has better conditions, with many trucks and even cars venturing out off the south shore towards the Horseshoe Hole.  Ice thickness on Poygan also varies, but an average of 9-14" is common right now.