Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Warm Weather Bad News for Spearers

With the roller coaster ride we have been on weather-wise,  the water clarity on Lake Winnebago has not had a chance to improve.  Snow-cover and consistent temperatures below freezing are the two main factors that allow the lake to really clear up over the winter months, which have been hard to come by this winter! 

Expect water clarity to actually get a bit worse with the run off from today's rain and 45° weather, and then hopefully begin to slowly improve with the next arctic blast which will arrive on Thursday.  With the poor ice conditions, poor visibilities, and new snow on the way, I expect another full Sturgeon Spearing Season, with lower than average harvest numbers, similar to last year.

Since we know there is going to be poor visibility for spearing this year, it brings up an interesting question.  What is your best bet, setup in shallow water where you can see to the bottom, or still spear the same areas where you know there are Sturgeon and set your decoys higher?  There is some debate on this argument, and I am not sure I have a good answer myself!

Regardless of conditions, fun will be had by many this season as I have found out that its not all about getting that Sturgeon, its a combination of the entire process, as well as spending time with close friends and making memories!

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