Monday, February 18, 2013

Second Weekend of Spearing Similar to the Opener

Despite last weekend's warmth and rain, water clarity on the south end of the lake continues to clear up, which has resulted in a shift of Sturgeon Spearers that have heard the good news.  Although it is clearing up, most spearers still cannot see to the bottom, so spearer's are relying on their decoys this year more than ever.  Staggering decoys at different depths can also prove productive, as a Sturgeon may initially drawn in by a lower decoy and then raise up to check the higher one.

Sturgeon have no natural predators one they reach a certain size, which many believe has something to do with their curious nature.  Sturgeon, unlike most fish, will actually see a decoy from a long distance away and swim right up to it, often nudging it with their nose just to see what it is.  Curiosity killed the cat, and in this case kills many Sturgeon every year on Lake Winnebago!

Ice conditions on the lake right now are as good as they have been all year.  Merritt Ave. in Oshkosh has 3 bridges for crossing the crack near shore (2 for vehicles, 1 for ATV's).  As of Sunday the bridges and landing were in great shape, with no slush and just some minor rutting starting to take place.  The fishing clubs off the East Shore have tree lines out, and there are many cars and minivans using the launches to get on the lake.  I witnessed this over the weekend, as I bet there were 30+ cars and 15+ minivans bombing around on the ice!

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