Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Water Clarity Improving by the Day

Word has it that water clarity is improving out on Lake Winnebago with the snow cover and frigid temperatures we have had in place for the past week, which is a welcome sight for Sturgeon Spearers!  Generally, the further you go from the shoreline, the clearer the water becomes right now.  The only problem with this, is the fact that the water also gets deeper the further you go out!  I have also heard that the clearest water on the east shore is out from Stockbridge and Calumet County Park, but this could still change in the next few days before opening morning.

Here is a link to water clarity measurements taken today by the DNR.
Water Clarity Measurements

This cold weather has helped stiffen up the ice, but the snow cover is slowing the process down a bit.  I have heard that the ice that re-froze on the West shore after the entire ice sheet shifted east now has an average of 8" of ice on it.  This is not enough ice for a vehicle, but plenty for an ATV or snowmobile.  The east shore has better ice conditions overall, as there have been quite a few vehicles venturing out on that side of the lake.

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